Ford trying to jump start economy

Ford is doing their part to jump start this economy with another announcement that will bring people back to work at The Cleveland Engine Plan with a $155 Million investment. They will be building the new and well touted 3.7 liter V-6 engine that will drop into the 2011 Mustangs!

Ford Motor Co. will invest $155 million in its Cleveland Engine Plant to produce the new 3.7-liter V-6 for the 2011 Ford Mustang.

The move is part of a broader push to introduce nine new engines and transmissions in North America this year. With today’s announcement, Ford is two-thirds of the way to its goal — investing a total of $1.8 billion to build six of those at factories from Mexico to Canada.

Read the full article at the Detroit News.

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Ford to invest $2.3 billion to modernize factories

With Ford continuing on their comeback streak they appear to be keeping the pedal to the metal with factory upgrades. Ford is reported to invest $2.3 billion in Brazil over the next five years to modernize factories and hopefully increase production. Ford is really making a move to re-establish themselves as one of the top auto companies going into the next decade.

From the Detroit News:

More than half of the money will be spent to expand production at the factory, which is Ford’s most advanced assembly plant in the world, and to modernize production at Troller Veículos Especiais S/A in Horizonte, Ceará, which Ford bought in 2007. The rest will be reserved for future product investments.

Ford spokeswoman Jennifer Flake said it represents the largest five-year investment in Ford do Brazil’s 90-year history.

“It will give us greater manufacturing flexibility,” she said.

Michael Robinet, vice president of global vehicle forecasting at CSM Worldwide in Northville, called the investment well-timed.

“It is an important market,” he said, adding that Brazilian consumers are becoming more sophisticated and are no longer satisfied with cast-off models from Europe and the United States. “Going forward, Ford knows that it will be a critical market for global platforms.”

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