Ford and the future

Ford Motor Co. recorded strong earnings for 2011 but the market didn’t flinch and the stock price sunk? Is there something we don’t know because with great management and strong products isn’t Ford on the right track? Here is a good article that digs a bit deeper than most reporting on Ford’s future.


Sometimes it can be difficult to please Wall Street. As trading for the week neared its close the automaker’s shares were on track to drop about a half dollar as trader’s lamented the sort of figures that they might have only fantasized about during the depths of the Great Recession. The maker reported a full-year pre-tax operating profit of $8.8 billion, or $1.51 a share, an increase of $463 million over 2010.

But what didn’t sit so well is that Ford still fell about a nickel a share short of early estimates, and more worrisome, total automotive pre-tax operating profits for the fourth quarter dipped to $586 million, a decrease of $155 million from the fourth quarter of 2010.

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Ford continues to make moves in China

Chinese workers assemble Ford and Volvo cars at a Chang'an Ford automobile assembly factory in Chongqing August 25, 2010. Chang'an Ford is Ford Motor Company's China car-making joint venture. China is the hottest auto market by number of vehicles sold, and automakers are looking to the country to drive revenues amid weak global demand.  UPI/Stephen Shaver Photo via Newscom

Ford Motor Co. may have got off to a late start in China but Mullay and Company aren’t sitting around now! The Blue Oval is adding 100 dealerships this year alone in China with more to come at a brisk pace. This is where the growth is going to come from for the global automakers and the gloves are off to and the bank vaults opened up to grab as many new customers as possible!


BEIJING — Ford Motor Co. is adding 100 dealers in China this year, mostly in smaller cities in inland provinces where new car demand is surging, the company said today.

The move, more aggressive than a previously announced plan, will bring the number of Ford dealers in China to 340 by the end of the year, up from an original target of 310, said Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford’s Asia and Africa operations.

The company plans to introduce four new models in China over the next few years, including the Ford Edge crossover next month.

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