ACB: Fiesta WRC Testing

Today in Chicago it’s freezing cold and old man winter is about to punish us with snow. Naturally, driving is not the most fun right now. However, give me a Fiesta WRC to drive in these conditions and I would happily change my tune. Tearing up the streets with flames shooting out the back while SUVs are stuck in the snow is my picture of heaven.

If you’re also being pimp-slapped by the cold, take a look at the footage of Ford putting their new Fiesta WRC contender through its paces in Spain and imagine for yourself how awesome that car would be when the snow comes.

And Ford, Monte Carlo? Seriously? It’s too warm there. I know the WRC race there is coming up, but maybe hand over the keys to me for a bit. I’ll put the car through a real test here in the Windy City. No take backs though, sorry.


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