Tanner Foust and the New Focus ST-R

Let’s say you have $100,000 to spend on a car, any car. The obvious choices are simple: Porsche 911, GTR, maybe some second-hand Ferrari (to ratchet up the douche status), but those choices are obvious and boring. The world can go without another Porsche 911 owner stereotype. What if, instead, you bought a Focus. Not just any Focus of course, but the race-ready Focus ST-R. Not only will you not be another financial banker clown, but you would be one step closer to becoming a racing superstar. Not really, but one can pretend right?

So, if you’re still not convinced on how to spend your imaginary stack, check out the video of Tanner Foust putting the new ST-R through its paces.


Ford Teases Frankfurt Concepts

The Frankfurt Auto Show is rapidly approaching so automakers are already trying to build buzz for their debuts. Ford is no exception. Not only are they touting their largest display to date, but also four new vehicles. Not many details are known, but one is a concept and the other three are production models. One production model is forecasted to be the Focus ST. The performance Focus is slated to debut with a 240hp eco-boosted 4 cyl, and the looks to match the performance. However, details of the Focus ST have been widely known for some time, so Ford must have something really exciting up their sleeve on the concept side.

I’m placing my bets on either a Focus coupe/Capri remake. A coupe version of the Focus is the missing link in the lineup so it is logical addition to have debut. It would probably compete with the wildly successful VW Scirocco that we don’t get here in the states.

On the other hand, the Capri is a much-loved icon in Europe, and has been long heralded to make a return. Additionally, in July, Ford debuted a Falcon concept in Australia , so a performance concept for Europe is not completely unfounded. It’s a long shot, but if they could make a RWD compact like the old Capri, for the price of a Focus, it would be heaven. All these debuts are slated to go global, so hope for the best because we will get them too. Stay tuned for September’s Frankfurt Auto Show


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