Sales up for Chrysler

Chrysler sales take off in June with Dodge leading the charge clocking a 67% increase with the Charger, Avenger and Challenger leading the way. The industry average was well below Chrysler’s jump in sales as things might be changing for this company. Looking back a year ago and then to today with a market that has still not rebounded strongly you have to give the folks at Chrysler/Fiat credit for fighting back. There are new products on the way and if the auto market in the U.S. can find it’s way in the months ahead Sergio Marchionne will have a lot of new friends in the Midwest!

From the Detroit Free Press:

Chrysler said today that U.S. sales jumped 35% compared with the same month a year ago, a gain led by its Jeep and Dodge brands.

Jeep sales rose 25%, on an 86% jump Jeep Wrangler sales. Dodge, newly minted as a car brand, saw its sales increase 67% on a spike in sales of the Charger, Avenger and Challenger.

Overall, sales of Chrysler’s passenger cars, an area where industry observers say Chrysler must improve, nearly doubled.

Chrysler’s minivans also performed well. Sales of the Chrysler Town & Country rose 34% and sales of the Dodge Caravan jumped nearly 50%.

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Jeep cuts price of redesigned Grand Cherokee

Marchionne comes out swinging cutting the price of the redesigned 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The new starting point will be
$32,995 for the base four-wheel-drive model (the Laredo 4×4) which is $465 less than the 2010 model. Prices include shipping.

This will make for some good press for the new SUV and if the looks and quality are there this would be a great start under the new leadership from Fiat.


DETROIT — Jeep is pricing the base four-wheel-drive model of the 2011 Grand Cherokee, the Laredo 4×4, at $32,995, $465 less than the equivalent 2010 model. Prices include shipping.

The Chrysler Group began making Grand Cherokees at its Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit this week. The vehicles will begin arriving in showrooms next month.

The Grand Cherokee comes in three models: Laredo, Limited and Overland. The Limited 4×4 starts at $39,995, and the top-of the line Overland starts at $42,995.

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Lancia spotted in Motown

The stylish Lancia Delta has been spotted in Michigan. Fiat/Chrysler should be inclined to bring a sporty vehicle like the Delta to market in the U.S.

From Edmunds Inside Line:

Remember the mysterious brown Lancia Delta hatchback with Chrysler badging that was on display at the Detroit Auto Show? Well, Chrysler-Fiat may indeed have some specific plans in mind for it as a white and black prototype was spotted making test runs in Auburn Hills, around Chrysler’s Technical Center (CTC) this week.

The appearance of a Lancia on Fiat’s newly-acquired U.S. turf isn’t necessarily unexpected, but our spy photographers report that Delta pictured here was undergoing some true road-testing, zipping back and forth through security checkpoints, and duplicating familiar test routes on the public roads around the CTC.

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Fiat designs should surprise

If quality and price are equal, what will be the deciding factor in an auto purchase? Fiat/Chrysler hopes you said “design” because look for their new cars to have plenty of “flair”. This is a smart move and it takes advantage of Fiats tools in their toolbox with top designers in house from all of those stylish brands at their disposal. If Fiat pulls this off look for marketing and design to lead them through this lull of new product and excitement.

From the Detroit Free Press:

TURIN, Italy — The world is still waiting to see what kind of auto design emerges from the alliance of Italy’s Fiat and U.S. Chrysler. One thing is clear: There’s a lot of Italian flair to draw on, in the person of Fiat’s design chief Lorenzo Ramaciotti.

Ramaciotti helped design everything from the high-end Ferrari Enzo to the economical Peugeot 407 during his career at independent styling house Pininfarina. Expect some surprises ahead.

“Italian design can’t be repetitive. It must be a design that is a little surprising, with something innovative from one model to the next,” said Ramaciotti during an interview in his modest office at Fiat’s Centro Stile, decorated with logos of the six Fiat brands whose style he commands.

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Fiat to fill in the blanks for Chrysler

Chrysler Chairman Sergio Marchionne will lay out the companies five year plan Wednesday which will more than double Chrysler’s annual sales from 1.3 million last year to 2.8 million by 2013. The question is “will anyone believe him”? Plans can sound good but delivering is another matter. They way I see it is that everything really hinges on how well the North American market warms to Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo products.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Chrysler’s chances of ending its sales decline and returning to profitability should become clearer Wednesday, when Fiat is to lay out a five-year business plan.

The strategy for the Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia brands is expected to reveal new details about the vehicles Chrysler’s North American factories will build. Also expected are details of Alfa’s return to the U.S. market, plus future product lines for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and the new Ram commercial-vehicle brand.

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