8 Sexy Bullz-Eye Girls with Hot Cars

It’s actually seven Bullz-Eye.com models, as we posted the beautiful Brittany Myers twice, but she had two incredible cars, including a 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago Reventon Roadster and a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Yenko S/C.

Along with Brittany and her supercar and muscle car, we have lots of models with various Ferraris, along with Jenny and a black 2000 Corvette. We also added some variety with Jessica and a hot rod and Jacqueline and a junk yard car. Enjoy the slideshow!


The Fiat Group showcases its luxury sports line at the 2011 NAIAS

At the 2011 NAIAS this year, the Fiat Group made a point of showcasing the luxury side of its brand offering. We got a look at the latest models from Ferrari and Maserati.

Make sure you check back over the next couple days for the latest from the 2011 NAIAS.

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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to open in October

Will we be racing sports car themed roller coasters soon? Looks like Ferrari is the first out of the gate with the opening of their very own amusement park in Dubai! The Ferrari roller coaster is being clocked at 149mph which makes it slower than your normal Ferrari but faster than any other roller coaster at this point in time.

From AutoGuide.com:

Ferrari is already a merchandising juggernaut, having opened a number of stand-alone boutiques as well as their vaunted showrooms, where mere mortals are unable to buy a new car without jumping through hoops. The next step in this global empire was a theme park, and where else to do it but in the United Arab Emirates, international playground for the fabulously wealthy. Situated on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi (which, unlike its neighbour Dubai, is financially solvent), the theme park is conveniently perched across from the Yas Marina F1 circuit, and features over 20 Ferrari themed attractions, including the worlds fastest roller coaster, capable of reaching speeds of up to 149 mph. Six Flags this ain’t.

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Ferrari raises the ante

According to Car and Driver Ferrari has raised the ante for street car performance again! Ferrari has called the 2011 599GTO “the most extreme sports car” it has ever produced and Car and Driver is buying it after sometime behind the wheel. There are 671 horses under the hood and a sifting experience that is rivaled by no other street car.

It’s obvious that the looks are classic Ferrari and the company didn’t overlook much detail in making this 300k machine maybe the fastest on the road.

So you still think the hottest street-legal Ferrari of them all is the Enzo? Listen up; we have an update. There’s a new champ in Maranello—it’s not as outrageous as the Enzo, but more powerful, more sophisticated, more agile, and even faster. Ferrari calls it “the most extreme sports car” it has ever produced. At a company where fabulous is the starting point for pretty much every new project, that’s saying something.

Ferrari’s challenge (besides, you know, actually engineering the car) was in choosing a name for the beast, which is based on the 599GTB Fiorano. There isn’t much to set the new car apart visually from the GTB, just additional aero elements at the front, aggressive rear air diffusers, and other various airflow management touches that add up to double the high-speed downforce of the “regular” 599.

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Best Supercars of the Decade

Ari Cox of Bullz-Eye.com ranked the top 10 best supercars of the decade. Check out which car was ranked No. 1.

Last decade witnessed one of the greatest evolutionary steps in automotive history: technology and market dynamics created the perfect storm for the birth of the hypercar. There have always been companies and individuals who pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, but the horsepower and high-performance craze somehow became fully embraced by the auto industry in the 2000s. And as vehicles at the upper end of the spectrum began reaching vertigo-inducing acceleration and speed, it forced the mid-tier sports cars to step up their game as well. Cars like the Bugatti Veyron, whose price and performance specs made it a highly unlikely production vehicle in the 90s, has become just one of many in a new breed of uber-expensive rocket ships. Let’s take a look at the supercars whose tire-vaporizing performance has truly changed the game in last decade.

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