Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to open in October

Will we be racing sports car themed roller coasters soon? Looks like Ferrari is the first out of the gate with the opening of their very own amusement park in Dubai! The Ferrari roller coaster is being clocked at 149mph which makes it slower than your normal Ferrari but faster than any other roller coaster at this point in time.


Ferrari is already a merchandising juggernaut, having opened a number of stand-alone boutiques as well as their vaunted showrooms, where mere mortals are unable to buy a new car without jumping through hoops. The next step in this global empire was a theme park, and where else to do it but in the United Arab Emirates, international playground for the fabulously wealthy. Situated on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi (which, unlike its neighbour Dubai, is financially solvent), the theme park is conveniently perched across from the Yas Marina F1 circuit, and features over 20 Ferrari themed attractions, including the worlds fastest roller coaster, capable of reaching speeds of up to 149 mph. Six Flags this ain’t.

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