Nissan introduces new 2014 Versa Note

Nissan has been a leader in the compact car segment with the Versa as it can offer the four-door sedan along with a hatchback. With the 2014 Versa Note we’re finally seeing the promised redesign for this vehicle, which looks much different that the four-door sedan.

As you can see the vehicle looks stylish, but it’s not overly quirky or funky. Nissan is much more focused on practicality and fuel economy with this vehicle, targeting mostly couples without children.

You can see a video review below, and here are reviews from Edmonds, Autoblog, The Truth About Cars and


Cute redhead poses next to an old Volkswagen Beetle


Today’s treat is a cool photo of a cute redhead posing next to an old Volkswagen Beetle. Usually you see how babes posing next to sports cars, but we found this photo in a cool gallery of sexy girls and old cars.


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