Sales up for Chrysler

Chrysler sales take off in June with Dodge leading the charge clocking a 67% increase with the Charger, Avenger and Challenger leading the way. The industry average was well below Chrysler’s jump in sales as things might be changing for this company. Looking back a year ago and then to today with a market that has still not rebounded strongly you have to give the folks at Chrysler/Fiat credit for fighting back. There are new products on the way and if the auto market in the U.S. can find it’s way in the months ahead Sergio Marchionne will have a lot of new friends in the Midwest!

From the Detroit Free Press:

Chrysler said today that U.S. sales jumped 35% compared with the same month a year ago, a gain led by its Jeep and Dodge brands.

Jeep sales rose 25%, on an 86% jump Jeep Wrangler sales. Dodge, newly minted as a car brand, saw its sales increase 67% on a spike in sales of the Charger, Avenger and Challenger.

Overall, sales of Chrysler’s passenger cars, an area where industry observers say Chrysler must improve, nearly doubled.

Chrysler’s minivans also performed well. Sales of the Chrysler Town & Country rose 34% and sales of the Dodge Caravan jumped nearly 50%.

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Dodge Challenger to Let Slip the Dogs of War in New “Freedom” TV Commercial

During his First Annual Address to Congress in 1770, President George Washington said, “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.” For the past decade, the muscle car segment has been quietly battling to keep a sea of dull daily drivers at bay, and the tension has finally reached its fever pitch. We are standing on the cusp of a revolution, and we are nothing if not prepared. We’ve got the horsepower, the track time and the street cred – all that’s missing is the official throwing down of the gauntlet. As of today, we’ve got that, too.

In Chrysler’s newest ad, the General and his thundering Calvary descend upon the bland, boring and bromidic (or “British”). While Washington and his four-wheeled troops rally against the Redcoats, the U.S. soccer team will be battling it out with England at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and you’ll be able to watch them both. The Dodge Challenger “Freedom” spot will air regionally during the match on Saturday, following its on-air debut at 11 p.m. EDT today during ESPN SportsCenter.


Buick’s average buyer getting younger

Buick has a long way to go before they will bring in the 30 something crowd. Buick is happy that their average buyer has dropped to 61 yrs of age and that is questionable math. They will never get the Pontiac buyers in the door! They rushed to kill Pontiac which was well positioned to capture the 20 and 30 something generation but instead invested heavily in a brand most car buyers won’t even shop in the U.S.??? Another gift to Ford, Nissan, Mazda and Dodge from the General.


Now, 48 is still technically in the fat part of the US population pyramid, and far be it from me to question the youthfulness of folks who reach this age… but the two major premises in the LAT’s headline simply aren’t that true. For one thing, JD Power weighs in on the Buick-buyer-age controversy, telling the LAT that the average three years ago was 64, and that it has since fallen to 61. That contrasts with IIHS’ recent average Buick-buyer age of 65, up from a claimed average of 63 a year ago. Moreover, as the graph after the jump proves, Buick’s sales “surge” is barely perceptible in any context wider than the first quarter of this year.

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Dodge Viper to get a Final Edition

Everything must come to an end and the end is now here for the Dodge Viper as we know it. Chrysler will run 50 of the 2010 Viper SRT10 Final Editions. It was a great run and the Viper will always be remembered as one Bad SOB. (P.S. Bring the Viper back in 2012!)

From the Detroit News:

Chrysler Group LLC is preparing to start production of yet another limited run. This time it is the 2010 Viper SRT10 Final Edition; 50 will be made, each with numbered dash plaques.

The Final Editions will be built in three body types: 20 coupes, 18 roadsters and 12 ACR (American Club Racer) models, all marked by a black center stripe traced in red and unique side sill badges and floor mats. Red accents continue inside, in the stitching, on gauges and the center stack.

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Fuchsia new color for Dodge?

Please don’t tell me Dodge’s new tough guy color is Fuchsia? Well, for 400 or so special edition Dodge Challengers they will be rumbling in that perty color with optional 400 hp.


NEW YORK ( — Furious Fuchsia, a pair of words not often seen together, is the name of a new special edition Dodge Challenger muscle car.

The bright purple cars from the still struggling Chrysler Group, available on V8-powered R/T and SRT-8 versions, will be officially unveiled later this week at the Chicago Auto Show, but the company provided photographs ahead of time


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