Dodge Caliber Axed

Justice has been served for one of the worst cars to ever come out of Detroit. reports that the Dodge Caliber will stop production on November 23rd, 2011.

The Caliber was built as a replacement of the Neon. It was supposed to capture the hearts of people that wanted an SUV without the price. Kind of like people that want good Italian food without spending a lot of cash so they go to Olive Garden. In other words, people with no taste or common sense.

The Caliber will be remembered by having almost no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It was a car so bad, Dodge must have built it to be some cruel joke on the automotive marketplace. Among the Caliber’s many faults was noncompetitive and wheezy powertrains, ridiculous faux SUV styling, and an interior so dull and low quality it wasn’t even fit for a Power Wheels.

Dodge should bury the last Caliber (and its somehow worse Jeep platform mate) in a cement tomb five miles underground, and guard it with ancient Mayan warriors and radioactive King Cobras. Treat it like the last remaining smallpox strains, both bring just as much harm onto humanity.

Source: Allpar


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