A real hell of a backseat driver: who is it?

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Everyone remembers being involved in a situation when you start to lose your temper while driving. What’s the most common reason for that? Surprisingly, our loved ones who, according to the recent survey conducted by Insurance.com, are thought to be the worst backseat drivers ever.

Among 500 drivers polled, both men (40%) and women (34%) say that their spouses can be terribly nerve-racking when sitting on the side-seat of a car. Of course, we do realize the importance of marital vows but who’s supposed to take care about our mental health and the road safety? Apart from getting on the driver’s nerves a nagging-from-the-backseat someone you love can lead to serious road issues by distracting your attention from what’s going on in front of the car.

The #1 backseat monster is followed by friends reported by 17% of polled men, and mothers with 15% of those surveyed claiming them to be extremely annoying. It might be somehow unexpected, but it turns out children are not annoying at all in comparison with other relatives. The rate of frustration provoked by sons and daughters varies from 3% to 7%, depending on the age of children. Only 5 percent of polled drivers pointed out at fathers as the worst passengers, which means you are likely to be in favor when sitting in the car of your grown-up child. Why not buy a car for your kid right now, then, huh?

The most frequently mentioned aggravations include complaints about the speed and giving unwanted advice about directions. The less reported but not less annoying sins of backseat drivers are talking on the phone and texting, eating, pushing an imaginary brake and taking over the radio. Getting car sick and telling about this after there’s anything left to do to prevent the nuisance also has a good chance to tick the driver off.

To avoid getting annoyed when you’re the one to be behind the wheel Insurance.com suggests agreeing on the route and choosing the music for your road trip beforehand. You can also try breathworking and doing yoga before setting off on a journey. The last piece of advice is applicable.


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