December 2010 car sales by the numbers

(FILE)An archive photo dated on 14 August 2009 shows factory new automobiles of different makes standing in Hamburg Harbour, Germany. For the first time in the whole year of 2010, more cars have been sold in December inGermany than in the same month last year, around seven percent more than in December 2009. 2009 was indeed a record year for auto sales, because of the scarppage allowance, 3.8 million cars were licensed. Photo: Maurizio Gambarini

December car sales rebounded from 2009 and 2010 turned into a “decent” year for the U.S. auto industry . All signs are 2011 “should” continue to grow back to pre-meltdown levels. Here is a December 2010 breakdown from from each brand and there are a few surprises in there.

December sales ended 2010 on a largely positive note for most manufacturers. You’re probably more interested, however, in how these brands and companies performed for the entire year of 2010. Hold on to your Sirius satellite radios, because those numbers are on their way, but first we have to dispense with December.

There’s actually nothing too shocking in the sales numbers for December, as most manufacturers finished strongly, with an increase in sales versus December 2009, and those that were down were either not down by very much (Lexus, Jaguar, Toyota and Dodge) or are the usual suspects (Mercury, Lincoln, Volvo, Chrysler and Smart).

Dodge and Chrysler are looking forward to selling significantly updated hardware in 2011, while Toyota will continue to work its way out of the dog house with those consumers that lost some faith in the Japanese juggernaut during its recall debacle in 2010. With that in mind, we expect even more brands to be bragging about the blockbuster year of sales they just had when the next new year rolls around.

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