Top 10 Douchemobiles

AskMen puts together a list of what they think are the top 10 Douchemobiles. Some very interesting choices here so tell us what you think. They put a lot of emphasis on who is driving these cars and that might stir a reaction out there.

No.10 – 2000-‘09 Ferrari 360/F430 in Fly Yellow

Stratospheric care and feeding costs don’t dissuade our aspirations to Ferrari ownership, but guys with 360s and F430s in Fly Yellow do. We understand it’s a long-revered Ferrari color, nearly as hallowed as Rosso Corsa. And it looks fine on track cars; even Challenge Stradale editions are exempted because owners are passionate fans. It’s the tamer editions that become douchemobiles when owners couldn’t care less about their car’s pedigree and use the hue as an ego stroke.

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Electric vehicles starting to sprout a new industry

There is no doubt that electric vehicles are going to change the landscape of the US auto industry. Will power central stay in Michigan or will new and innovative forces crop up all over the country and develop new hubs for this upcoming power surge. No one really knows which electric based technologies will survive this transition and what is on the horizon that is being studied around the world as we speak. One thing is for sure and that is vehicles will be much cleaner and efficient in the coming years than what we are driving today and that’s a good thing! The Detroit Free Press has some great stories on what we can expect going forward.

The race to develop electric vehicles is generating billions of dollars of investments as a new set of companies vies for a piece of this expanding global market.

Amid the excitement, Michigan has planted its flag as a center for advanced battery manufacturing.

Heavyweights such as A123, Compact Power and Johnson Controls-Saft are all building or planning to build plants that will make lithium-ion batteries.

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