Next Gen Ford Cobra Jet Spied

From Edmunds Inside Line:

Ford’s Mustang Cobra Jet program has been incredibly popular for the Ford Racing division. The Cobra Jet for 2012 Featured a supercharged 5.4-liter aluminum V8 with 430 horsepower. Ford built 50 of them and sold the caged, competition-ready Stangs for $91,900 each.

And now it appears they’re working on another. It’s unclear from these photos if the bubble here is blocked off by an intercooler / radiator, or if it’s blocked to move air. (Or if they simply wanted to reduce visibility to Camaro levels.) Either way, that’s either a lot of room, or a lot of cooling and it’s totally awesome.

(Also, am I the only one who thinks this grille looks like it belongs on a Mini Cooper?)

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