Chrysler is back and in a big way!

Make no mistake about it my friends as Chrysler are back in the black in a big way! Give Sergio and his team credit for bringing Chrysler back from the brink with still plenty of new product on the way to continue to drive this turnaround story.

DETROIT — Chrysler Group said its first-quarter net income quadrupled on surging sales as the automaker set a profit target of $1.5 billion for the year.

Chrysler earned $473 million in the January-March period, up from $116 million a year earlier. Revenue rose 25 percent to $16.4 billion as U.S. vehicle sales increased 39 percent, the company said in a statement today.

“It’s fair to say that Chrysler is firing on all cylinders,” Chrysler-Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne said. “It’s been a great quarter, and I think that the indications for the remainder of the year are absolutely positive.”

The 2012 target of $1.5 billion in net income would far outpace the $183 million earned last year as Chrysler posted its first annual profit since its 2009 bankruptcy.

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Lancia-based car to be shown at Detroit Auto Show

We are very interested to check out the new offering from Fiat/Chrysler with a Lancia badge. If it’s anything like the Delta that would be a great first step in introducing the new brand to potential U.S. customers.


Contrary to previous reports that Chrysler will not present any new models at the Detroit Auto Show in just a few weeks, there is now word that the struggling U.S. automaker will show a new car based on a Lancia platform. The Lancia badge is a sub-brand under Fiat, which now runs Chrysler.

There is no word on what sort of a vehicle it will be, but Fiat is eager to help Chrysler where it needs help most – in the small and mid-size car market. This new model would be the first idea of how Fiat intends to integrate its European designs into the North American marketplace.

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Something different with Chrysler

Even though the new product is still 12 months away you can feel something different already with Chrysler.

The new ads you see on T.V. for the Ram trucks, the optimism from Marchionne and the hope for survival! Can they pull this thing off? Don’t know the answer to that question but Marchionne appears geared up to give it one heck of a try.

From the Detroit News:

Chrysler Group LLC survived bankruptcy but the success of its strategy now hinges on convincing consumers to buy its cars and trucks in the critical next 12 months.

That’s a significant hurdle given that most upgrades to Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep models are a year away.

Still, the Auburn Hills automaker is lucky to be in business a year after seeking a government bailout and being pushed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy by the Obama administration. It has a new name, a new partnership with Italy’s Fiat SpA, new management and a new way of developing, manufacturing and selling vehicles that top executives say will help restore profits by 2011.

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