Chrysler hires Italian Ad Agency for latest TV ad

Oh Boy! Folks are getting uptight that Chrysler has hired an Italian Ad Agency (Armando Testa) for their latest 300 TV ad. Some are just plain ripping the socially conscious ad and some are just upset that they went overseas to hire an agency. If this is so horrible then start ripping all of the D-3 for buying parts overseas. If the parts are of good quality and the right price you don’t hear much complaining. If the ads turn out to be effective and the agency costs are reasonable the complaining will subside as well. If not…..look out!!

From the Detroit Free Press:

“If they’re so hell-bent on taking on social causes,” said Peter De Lorenzo, creator of, “Why don’t they take the money and make a contribution to the food banks in and around this region instead?”

Last month, Chrysler’s former advertising agency, BBDO, announced it would close its Troy and Windsor offices early next year, leaving about 500 people out of work.

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