Fisker Automotive and China Grand Automotive Group to bring premium electric vehicles to China

Fisker automotive

You may know Fisker Automotive as the manufacturer of the Karma. The Karma is an electric car at heart, but with extended range to back up the green-savvy tech. It’s a very cool car, and you can see CEO Henrik Fisher’s design credentials (Vantage, DB9, Z8) come forth in the above Karma shot from the LA Auto show.

Fisker has partnered with China Grand Automotive Group, the number one passenger car trader in China, to deliver vehicles to the Far East.

From the press release:

“We are extremely proud to be working with CGA to support Fisker Automotive in the fast-emerging Chinese market,” said Henrik Fisker, CEO, Fisker Automotive. “With its vast network of experienced retailers CGA will give Fisker an instant and credible footprint in the region. CGA’s attention to detail and excellent customer service will ensure Fisker buyers receive the level of service and peace of mind expected of a premium brand.”

Fisker Automotive’s first car, the Fisker Karma, will make its Chinese debut at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2011. The Karma represents Fisker Automotive’s vision of responsible luxury and is the world’s first true electric vehicle with extended range.

The Karma combines world class style and performance with industry leading economy and the lowest emissions of nearly any production vehicle. With a total range of 483 km (300 mi) the four-passenger Karma saloon is capable of traveling 80 km (50 mi) on emission-free electric power alone, and an additional 403 km (250 mi) on low-emission hybrid electric power.

This is a big announcement for the green movement and especially for China. Fisker has reportedly already seen 3,000 vehicle preorders from China.


Nissan expanding in China

Nissan is putting their foot on the gas pedal in China with an expansion that will increase production to over 900,000 units per year by 2012. China has kept the world auto market out of the cellar and with all of the big investments coming from global players like Nissan, China’s growth in this segment of the economy is poised to more than out pace the west.

The new offering from Nissan will be a mid sized sedan named the Kizashi.


Did we say that Japanese brands have to do something to stop the erosion of market share in China? Nissan took the advice and said today that they started construction of their second factory in China’s southern Guangdong Province. According to The Nikkei [sub], the factory will open in 2012 with an annual capacity of 240,000 vehicles.

The plant is part of Dongfeng Nissan, a joint venture between Nissan and Dongfeng Motor Co. Together with their first plant, Nissan will have capacity for 600,000 units in China. By end of 2012, Nissan plans to increase their total annual capacity to 900,000 units, up 70 percent from the 2009 level.

Read the full article here.

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BMW rebounding, posts $424M profit

BMW comes in with a rebounding $424 Million profit for the 1st quarter. Another sign that the auto market is in a steady uplift from the last 2 years as BMW sees 2010 earnings dynamically increases over the course of the year. One of the biggest stories for BMW was that China sales doubles in the quarter as the beat goes on in China.

From Detroit

German luxury automaker BMW AG reported a $424 million first-quarter profit on Wednesday, reflecting a recovery in demand for premium cars from last year’s deep slump.

BMW said it expected the launch of its key 5 Series sedan during the second quarter to help it gain further momentum.

“We expect that earnings will grow dynamically over the course of the year,” said Chief Executive Norbert Reithofer.

“We intend to remain the world’s leading provider of premium cars in 2010,” he said in a statement. The Munich-based company sells premium cars under the BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mini brands.

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Global brands face threat of rising China car quality

We keep reading about the rising auto sales in China but what about the Chinese brands taking their show in the road? This is a good piece on how the Chinese automakers are rising fast in regards to quality and could be major players in some key markets pretty quickly.


BEIJING (Reuters) — When Ric Hull first looked at launching Great Wall Motor pickup trucks in Australia last year, he considered rebranding them, worried their obvious Chinese origins would raise questions about their quality.

Ateco Group, Hull’s auto importing and dealership company, decided against marketing the low cost models under “GWM” label, instead embracing the trucks’ made in China credentials, and sales are booming.

“We initially thought: do we resolve the brand question, do we call them GWM? But then we thought that people would know anyway, and that seems to be working very well,” Hull said.

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Buick shows star power in China

The Beijing auto show is opening and guess who is making a statement there? It’s Buick and if anyone ever wondered why GM kept Buick this show is one of the main reasons. Buick is still on fire in China and it shows no signs of relenting.

From the Detroit News:

Beijing — In China, Buick has a cachet that might surprise many Americans.

The brand struggles with image problems at home, but Buick has been crucial to General Motors Co.’s success in China.

In this market — the world’s largest — Buick attracts the kind of young, wealthy customers that GM dreams of capturing in the United States.

“The average Buick customer is 28 years old, university educated, fast-tracked in his company, with a wife who has a career,” said GM China President Kevin Wale.

Buick is one of GM China’s strongest brands, with sales up 53 percent this year. The automaker is showcasing three Buick models at China’s premier auto show here that feature some of the latest European and American technology: the Excelle XT hatchback, and new Regal and LaCrosse sedans.

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