Chevy steadily growing sales around the world in 2011

You might not think it was possible this soon but Chevy is on pace for an all time sales record in 2011. That is a great sign for the global recovery and an even better sign that GM is on it’s way back as well. If the economy can continue to grow it will be interesting to see how high GM and Chevy in particular can go in regards to U.S. and Global sales!

From the Detroit Bureau:

With its 100th birthday barely fading in the rearview mirror, Chevrolet is on pace to set an all-time global sale record in 2011, having sold 4.8 million units through the end of November and with December off to a strong start.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet’s global market share has increased by nearly one half of a point this year, Russ Clark, Chevrolet’s marketing manager for midsized and performance cars, told, while suggesting General Motors’ largest marque is steadily advancing towards its goal of becoming a truly global brand.

Sixty percent of all Chevrolets are now sold outside the United States, which had been the bowtie brand’s primary hunting ground for most of the past century, according to statistics cited by Clark during a conversation about Chevrolet’s business plans.

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Chevy to produce an all-electric version of the Spark

Chevy has announced it will produce an all-electric version of the Chevy Spark mini car, the Spark EV. This vehicle complements Chevy’s growing range of EVs, including the Volt and the 2013 Malibu ECO with eAssist technology. It will be sold in limited quantities in select U.S. and global markets starting in 2013. See here for more information.

Also, in an effort to meet the growing demand for safe, connected personal transportation, GM has decided to work on the next-generation EN-V concept vehicle and brand it with the Chevy badge. This two-seat, electric urban mobility concept is a zero-emissions vehicle powered by lithium-ion batteries. The Chevy EN-V concept will be updated with new features that customers need such as climate control, personal storage space and all-weather and road condition operation.

To learn more about the Chevy EN-V, check out the release here.


New Camaro ZL1 to Pack 580hp

Chevy is quite serious about bringing the fight to the Ford GT500 with its new Camaro ZL1. So serious, in fact, that they are giving it a ludicrous 580hp, more than even the CTS-V. They are even claiming that the new ZL1 will not be only a straight line monster, but a truly track capable machine as well.

In order to make it track-ready, the new ZL1 will feature cooling for the differential and engine oil, and a new version of their magnetic ride control system. This new ride control system will offer five different traction modes, even one for VHT prepped drag racing surfaces. The ZL1 and GT500 fight is looking to be a knock down, drag out bar brawl. Get excited.


The Chevy Cruze isn’t “Cruising” to any sales title!

WARREN, OH - AUGUST 21: A life-size foam model of the Chevy Cruze, an all new global compact car, is revealed to the media after Rick Wagoner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Motors Corporation announced GM will invest more than $500 million to build the Chevy Cruze at its Lordstown Complex August 21, 2008 in Warren, Ohio. The Cruze will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

It’s not shocking news to us at DBN that the Chevy Cruze has not caught on like the bigs at GM at hoped. I can even sense some concern in the quotes from the marketing folks at GM that maybe potential customers aren’t “sold” on a design that already looks dated and has no hatchbacks on the lots!

There could be trouble for the Cruze with a new Ford Focus entering the marketplace early next year and other nameplates launching new products in this segment. We were skeptical of some the projections from GM in regards to this car back in September and it looks like we might have been spot on!!!

The Cruze would have looked better if it was on the road a year or two ago but it just looks like one of the cars that is already outdated before it even had a chance to grow old!

From the Detroit Free Press:

Three months after launching, the Chevrolet Cruze is on the shopping lists of fewer than 5% of compact-car consumers, General Motors says.

With the arrival of a redesigned Ford Focus next month and a new Honda Civic in the spring, GM has a short window to ramp up the Cruze’s image.

Chevy needs consumers to associate the Cruze — which replaced the Cobalt — with value-priced safety and creature comforts before ads for Focuses and Civics again crowd the airwaves.

“I would say that’s pretty important,” Chevrolet marketing chief Chris Perry told the Free Press.

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Chevy Volt questions answered

FLINT- NOVEMBER 24: A GM Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle is shown at the General Motors Flint Engine Operations plant November 24, 2010 in Flint, Michigan. GM announced they will be investing more than $160 million at three plants in Michigan and Ohio, including the Flint plant, to increase production of their Ecotec 4-cylinder engines for vehicles such as the Chevy Volt and the Chevrolet Cruze. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Slot of us still have questions about the new Chevy Volt. Our friends at the Detroit Free Press put together a well written Q & A that dives deep into what the Volt is all about.

QUESTION: Can people come and take a tour of the plant and watch the Volt being built? Is there an education center about the Volt? — reader John C. Tyrrell

ANSWER: The Detroit-Hamtramck plant where workers assemble the Volt will have interactive, educational displays in its lobby next year. GM is also planning a reservation-based tour program for the public that will start next year.

Q: Why is the Volt considered an electric vehicle when actually it is a hybrid? — reader Dennis Bonucchi

A: The Volt is very different from hybrids like the Escape, Insight and Prius. The Volt’s wheels are turned by electricity only — not by the gasoline engine. The gas engines in hybrids turn the wheels most of the time. A Volt owner driving 40 miles or so between charges may hardly use gasoline.

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