Cars Worth the Wait puts together a list of five 2011 models that should be significantly better than previous versions.

Fall is here, folks. The days are starting to get shorter, the nights longer, and there is a slight chill is in the air. It also signals the start of the season to move sheet metal. From now until the end of the calendar year, automakers and car dealers will be throwing mad incentives at car buyers in an effort to sell their remaining 2010 model-year inventory to make room for 2011’s shiny new crop of autos.

Exceptional deals will be offered on these leftovers, for sure. But beware: Some of these bargains aren’t as good as they seem. Why, you ask? Because the cars they will be offered on are significantly inferior to the ones that are replacing them.

While we admit that year-to-year model upgrades are often inconsequential, a few are so good that they are worth waiting for, as they offer owners a bigger payoff in fuel efficiency, performance or value.

Here are our choices for the five 2011 models that promise to be far superior to the 2010 models they replace, and are thus worth waiting for.

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