GM gets high grades for 2011 LaCrosse

GM hits a homerun with the new LaCrosse! There are plenty of unanswered questions out there on whether GM will make it in the long run but for now they have a true winner on their hands. A near luxury sedan like the LaCrosse normally doesn’t catch the eye of the more selective crowd but this car has done just that! With sleek styling, 30mpg on the highway and a price that is affordable to many you have to give props to The General on the Buick LaCrosse.

From the Detroit News:

General Motors Co. just doesn’t get the credit it deserves some times.

A few years ago, GM was the first carmaker — in the world — to mate a six-speed transmission to a four-cylinder engine for a midsize car. Everyone had been talking about it, but no one else had done it.

But when GM announced the Chevy Malibu would include an optional four-cylinder engine with a six-speed tranny, creating a car that hit 32 mpg on the highway, no one seemed to care that much, though many carmakers have followed suit.

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