Ford Fusion captures prestigous Motor Trend 2010 Car of the Year Award

The comeback by Dearborn’s Ford Motor Co. keeps pace with this shot in the arm from it’s 2010 Fusion sedan.

In 1964, Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award went to the entire Ford lineup, recognizing its combination of design, engineering excellence, and performance. In 1970, we gave the nod to the Ford Torino, which could be ordered in a wide variety of configurations. Forty years ago, buyers could choose from economical, six-cylinder-powered sedans to the dragstrip-ready 429 Super Cobra Jet fastback. These legendary winners had one thing in common: bandwidth. In the 1960s and ’70s, this term wasn’t yet part of popular lexicon. Today, the 2010 Ford Fusion’s impressive bandwidth as a model range was one of the many factors that helped it earn the 2010 Motor Trend Car of the Year award.

Will the Blue Oval repeat next year with the all new for North America 2011 Fiesta?


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