The insider’s guide to engine belts


Virtually every automotive engine uses rubber belts to power various accessories outside the engine block and critical engine parts inside. The belt that is external to the block is usually called the accessory belt or fan belt. They used to be a single V-shaped belt but today they are serpentine belts that slither around several pulleys. These pulleys typically drive the alternator, AC compressor, power steering pump and water pump. Sometimes this serpentine belt is mounted in the front of the engine but in transverse engines, it’s usually on the side. Serpentine belts need to be replaced when they show wear, such as cracks, fraying or stretching.

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About Engine Noises


There are a plethora of components that move around in today’s car engines and sometimes they create noises that you should pay attention to. To assist you, we’ve put together this brief guide to diagnosing common engine noises. Because they work on cars all day long for their living, trained mechanics have ears that are more tuned to sounds that emanate from engines than we common folk have. A good mechanic will usually be able to diagnose an engine noise quickly.

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Engine firms in Japan in deep thoughts about EV’s

There are winners and losers with every aspect of advancement in the business world. After years of steady jobs and prosperity these folks are concerned about their future. Things are changing so fast in the world economy that when working for corporations you can only hope the company you are working for plans ahead! Way, way ahead….

From the Detroit News:

Hamamatsu, Japan— People here refer to it as “electric vehicle shock.” Sooner or, more likely, later, the electric car could render thousands of companies superfluous here in the heart of Japan’s auto parts region.

No more engines. No call for exhaust pipes. Spark plugs? Gone with the electric-car wind.

A recent widely circulated study predicts the eventual demise of much of Hamamatsu’s gasoline engine economy. Spurred by that study and a sense of foreboding, carmakers, parts factories and local governments in this sprawling industrial town are joining forces to prepare for a future of electric vehicles.

Suzuki Motor, based in Hamamatsu, helped found a regional alliance in October that will help parts makers develop automotive technologies geared toward electric cars and other industries.

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