Buick going after younger crowd with Riviera

At one point left for the over 60 crowd, Buick is serious about getting back in the game with the 30 and 40 crowd. This Riviera concept from 2007 could become a reality in some form of the Regal. Keep it coming big ol’ Buick!

From AutoGuide.com:

Back in 2007 Buick showed the stunning Riviera Concept and now it appears just such a vehicle isn’t as far fetched an idea as might previously have been though. In an interview with Automotive News, Buick and Chevy design director John Cafaro said that his role at Buick involved, “being a zealot for getting Buick more youthful, more spirited and probing ideas for coupes, more expressive vehicles.”

Again, back in 2007, the Riviera sounded nice (and looked spectacular) but Buick wasn’t really an innovator. Quite the opposite really. But with the launch of the LaCrosse and now the return of the Regal, we’re starting to see more interesting things from the conservative brand. Heck, it would appear as though the high-output Regal Show car will actually see production as the Regal GS. And the Regal isn’t the extend on Buick’s down-sizing either with a new smaller in the works, while a smaller Enclave model is also being talked about.

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