Buick Gets Back to Racing

When you think of Sunday drives and Buick, you may think about elderly folks cruising around at 10mph under the speed limit, but you would be wrong. In fact, Buick recently took part in Silver State Classic Challenge at Nevada with its new Regal GS. The Silver State Classic is a race along a 90 mile of Nevada highway. The winner is determined by who can compete the 90 mile course fastest, while retaining the average speed set by each individual class.

Competing in the 120mph class, Buick finished their run in 45 minutes, a fantastic time for their class. The effort was good enough for a first place finish in a 37 member strong class. All of this was done in a showroom stock Buick Regal GS. Buick has a strong history of racing; hopefully events like this are foreshadowing their return to racing.

Source: Insideline


The Buick Regal is back for 2011

From our friend at TheBachelorGuy.com:

In my New York neighborhood back in the 80’s, when you were done with kid stuff and ready to get rid of your Camaro or Firebird, you graduated to either a Monte Carlo, or, if you really wanted to let go, a Buick Regal. (Although, if you still couldn’t give up the muscle car power, and you had the coin, you got the famed Regal Grand National.)

That was before the beloved car started sharing bodies and powertrains with the perennial senior citizen-magnet, the Buick Century. (I’m wondering if that’s why a lot of senior communities in Florida are called Century Village…) The car was mercifully put out of its misery in 2004.

But now it’s back… completely resurrected and redesigned as a true euro-inspired sports sedan.

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