ACB: The Great Escape

Blitz R60/2 – The great Escape from Hush on Vimeo.

Since we’re on a bit of a motorcycle tear today, we might as well keep the combo going with footage of some vintage Bavarian machinery in the snow. Titled the “Great Escape,” this clip just shows a trip on an old R60 during the deep winter months. Who says you can’t ride in the snow?


ACB: M5 vs. S1000RR

Today’s afternoon car break comes a little early with a track battle between the new BMW M5 and the heavily revised BMWSRR1000.


ACB: 2014 BMW M3 Exhaust Note has released a video of a camouflaged 2014 BMW M3 driving around. The most peculiar part is that it sounds like there is a V6, not an inline 6, under the hood. Normally, this would be blasphemy, and large mobs would form, pitchforks in hand. But after the introduction of turbos, M SUVs, and general weight gain, can anyone really be surprised that “M” may abandon its remaining calling card?

Source: Bimmerpost


BMW 2 Series Scooped

With the new BMW 1 Series hatch already released, everyone is waiting to see what the coupe will look like. This is important for us since the U.S. only gets the coupe version of the 1.

The 1 series was always the BMW meant for people yearning for smaller bimmers of old, but its styling was a serious drawback. This new on appears much improved with sleeker lines and less of the potbelly look that the old one had. However, these are just Auto Express’s renderings and not the real deal.

The new 1 series will be powered by BMW’s new turbo 4, which will replace their iconic inline 6 in the base models. Six cylinders will still be available in the higher spec models, but will be turbocharged. If you want more power, there will probably be a new generation of the 1M.

The name of the car might change as well. Auto Express guesses it will be called the 2 to differentiate the model from its hatch siblings. They back this up with rumors that the entire BMW lineup may receive a naming shakeup. Solid details are not yet known though.

With the 3 and 5 series getting more expensive and larger, the new 1 series looks to be the BMW to get. The coupe should be launched for the 2013 model year, so more concrete details should be coming out soon.

Source: Auto Express


BMW to show off roadster concept in Geneva


BMW AG will unveil a roadster concept at the Geneva auto show next month that combines a futuristic design with infotainment innovations.

BMW said the concept called VisionConnectedDrive has features that show how intelligent networking will enhance people’s driving experience in the future.

The concept has a head-up display that places a 3-D display of key information in the direct sight line of the driver, eliminating the need for the driver’s eyes to refocus. “The display allows the real view to be overlaid with virtual information, highlighting hazards allowing the driver to assimilate all of the information quickly and take appropriate action,” BMW said in a statement on Thursday.

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