Get ready to love the new Ford Taurus


Wow, take a look at all the photos of the 2010 Ford Taurus, and it looks like Ford might have a big hit on its hands. Here’s Autoblog’s take:

Ford’s marketers and PR types have a tremendous task ahead of them: Educating the American consumer on what company’s new Taurus is all about. It’s a Herculean task that amounts to nothing more than rebuilding a brand that was once broadly considered an icon – not just of the auto industry – but of American business at large.

Fortunately for the Blue Oval team, they may have an ace-in-the-hole. As we learned driving the 2010 Ford Taurus through Tennessee and North Carolina’s Smoky Mountain roads, this new bull shows promise and takes the marque upscale like never before. But be under no illusions – this is a risky move. The Taurus name has never been extended upmarket like this before (let alone in such a waterlogged economy), and it isn’t immediately clear who the model’s competitors are – a detail that could prove problematic when trying to target customers.

I don’t agree. The car looks great, and as they say, it lives up to the hype. When you have a great product, the marketing should be easy, and the resurrection of the Taurus nameplate gives them a great story to tell.


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