Back to the future for Ford!

Back to the future for Ford and electric cars. Cool piece on the history and uncertain future of electric rides!

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Everything old is new again, goes the old refrain, and nowhere is that more true than in the auto industry. Though they may seem high-tech, primitive navigation systems first appeared in the earliest days of the 20th Century, and fuel-saving CVT transmissions date back even further.

Then there’s the electric vehicle, which has suddenly became the hot topic on this year’s auto show circuit. But if you’d been around for the first big U.S. car show, a century ago in New York, you’d have discovered there were as many battery-powered vehicles as those running on gasoline. Even Henry Ford got into the act, producing an electric flivver for his wife Clara, and asking old buddy Thomas Edison to try to come up with a longer-range battery.

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Ford gains U.S. market share as fast as in ’77

It’s 1977 all over again and Mark Fields is considering letting his hair grow longer to prove it! All kidding aside Ford keeps the petal to the metal (staying with the 70’s theme here) and let’s the competition know their cruising for a bruising. Serious market share gains of 2.7% is no joking matter as that keeps two assembly plants running.

From the Detroit Free Press:

The last time Ford was gaining U.S. market share as fast as it is now, Mark Fields, the company’s president of the Americas, was learning to drive.

Fields, 49, said Tuesday that the company’s market share rose 2.7 percentage points from January through March, Ford’s sharpest increase in a three-month period since the fourth quarter of 1977.

Back then, the Ford Grenada was popular and the company had just launched a redesigned Ford Thunderbird. For the family, Ford offered the Ford LTD II and the wood-paneled Ford Country Squire.

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