Bentley Plans to Launch Rolling Office

Gotta love Bentleys. From the Detroit

Ignore the sound of the big W-12 engine and the occasional bump from a pothole and you might forget you’re not in your high-tech office. But that’s the precisely the goal of the Bentley Mulsanne Connectivity Test Car.
A modified version of the British maker’s high-line flagship, the prototype is equipped with a wide array of the electronic gadgetry found at home, in the office and, appropriately, on the road. And response has been positive enough that a production version will be launched “next year,” according to Bentley CEO Wolfgang Durheimer.

“This is where craftsmanship meets connectivity,” said the former Porsche R&D chief, who became the new Bentley CEO earlier this year.

Bentley has long been known for the extensive craftsmanship that goes into its products – about a third of the more than 90 hours of direct labor in each Mulsanne is spent preparing the big sedan’s lavish wood and leather interior. But Durheimer contends that the new generation of buyers looking at Bentley products put equal stock in high technology.

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