Conflict of interest in auto regulation?

With auto sales starting to come back it feels like the auto bailouts happened some time ago even though it’s only been about a year. Well, According to a recent poll many Americans clearly want the government out of the auto business. The poll states that 48% feel the government has a “conflict of interest”. That should be short term once the government exit’s from their current equity stakes.


According to the latest Rasmussen telephone polling [via The Financial], 48 percent of Americans believe that the government’s ownership stake in GM and Chrysler means it has a conflict of interest in regulating competing automakers. 25 percent disagree, saying that the government’s bailout doesn’t affect regulation, and another 26 percent aren’t sure. When it comes to recent criticism of Toyota by administration officials like Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, only 25 percent believe the criticism stems from a desire to help GM, while 38 percent disagree and 37 percent aren’t sure. But the polls most interesting results have nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with perception:

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