GM could reopen plants

There is something going on in the auto industry that seems to indicate a rebounding economy. It doesn’t feel like a rebound out here, but pretty much all of the auto companies are increasing production and now GM is even talking about re-opening shuttered plants! Do they know something the rest of us don’t? We can hope that the auto companies will help lead the economy back from it’s current state of the blues but they still need buyers to make that happen.


General Motors Co. is looking to add capacity by bringing shuttered plants back on line using labor-intensive tooling, Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said.

“We are looking at taking an unutilized plant and putting in less-automated systems that you can put in quickly and at low investment,” Lutz said in an interview on Friday. “The downside is more labor cost. But we’ll gladly pay that labor cost to get an additional high-margin unit.”

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