2012 Ford Focus is “Built to Sell”

Ford has a new 2012 Focus entering the car market in early 2012 and this car is “Built to Sell” and I say that with total confidence in this new car. The current Focus is a solid vehicle with an outdated design that is more than holding it’s own. The 2012 Focus will have a very attractive, current and smooth design with all of the features that make Ford interiors some of the best in class. Also, This baby is clocking in at 40m.p.g. on the highway which put’s the 2012 Ford Focus at the top of the class. Great looks, well thought out interior and 40m.p.g. make for a scenario were the 2012 Focus will be flying off the lots as the assembly lines in Michigan will be roaring!

From the Detroit Free Press:

Ford expects that the 2012 Focus set to go on sale early next year will get 40 m.p.g. on the highway, an 18% improvement over the current model.

That puts the Focus on track to be the most fuel-efficient car in the compact class as it tries to conquer more market share.

Ford showed the sedan, hatchback and wagon versions of the Focus on Wednesday in conjunction with the Paris Motor Show — the first time the full lineup has been seen together. Ford will build both the hatchback and the sedan for the U.S. market at its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne.

The European Focus shares 80% of the same parts with the version to be sold in the U.S. Ford plans to produce 10 cars or crossovers from the Focus platform with a global volume exceeding 2 million by 2012.

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Nissan collects $650,000 from buyers who just want to be first

Looks like demand is there for the new Nissan Leaf but how many can they build? With this type of excitement and demand around vehicles like the Leaf and the upcoming Chevy Volt electric cars might finally be for real in the marketplace. Both companies need to answer the call and get these machines rolling off the assembly lines early and often.

From AutoNews.com:

In three days, U.S. consumers gave $656,865 to Nissan for the chance to buy a Leaf electric sedan when it arrives in December.

Ain’t capitalism grand.

Starting on Tuesday, April 20, consumers could pony up $99 for what was called a refundable reservation fee. By Friday morning, 6,635 would-be buyers had charged the fee to their credit cards.

For their money, they got…well, nothing, really.

This is not a deposit on the car. It doesn’t count against the $32,780 sticker price.

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