Asian brands still dominating Consumer Reports

Although there were a few bright spots for the US automakers, the Asian brands still dominated Consumer Reports annual automaker report card. Honda tied for 1st place is and quietly taking charge partly because of Toyota’s slippage in regards to public perception. One thing you can also take from this report is that Chrysler need to get their act together pronto!

From the Detroit Free Press:

Toyota finished third on Consumer Reports’ annual Automaker Report Card released Tuesday, even though the magazine suspended its “recommended” ratings for eight of Toyota’s vehicles after the Japanese automaker recalled them this year.

Consumer Reports now recommends about half as many Toyota models as it did previously.

While there were bright spots in the report card for Ford and General Motors, no domestic automaker finished in the top five and Chrysler’s score fell, landing the Auburn Hills automaker in last place.

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Photo from fOTOGLIF


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