Avalanche to get rolled in 2013

Chevy will kill the Avalanche in 2013 due to sagging sales. What was once one of the sportier and incredibly versatile Truck/SUV’s on the road the Avalanche will be heading for the scrap yard next year. Times change quickly in the auto industry as consumer preferences will always dictate what is hot and what was once hot but now passé. Just ask those who loved their Avalanche’s!!

From AutoNews.com:

DETROIT — The Chevrolet Avalanche, the truck that helped launch the boom in crew cab pickups, is ending its run a decade after its U.S. sales hit their high level.

Chevrolet confirmed today the 2013 Avalanche will be the final year for the crew cab, which it will send off with the 2013 Black Diamond edition.

GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson said Avalanche sales peaked in 2003 with 93,482 units, but were only 20,088 for 2011.

“As the crew cab pickup became an increasing part of the light duty market, Avalanche sales have really been tapering off,” Wilkinson said. “We have a very passionate following but unfortunately it’s not large enough to make a strong enough business case to do a next generation Avalanche as part of the next generation full-size truck program.”

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