Seat Covers That Simplify Surfers’ Lives


Love to surf? If you do, then you know surfing is not just a sport. It is an entire lifestyle, and that includes your vehicle, which is important for getting you from beach to beach and back home again. Therefore, you need to keep it clean and dry, including the interior. High-quality, custom-made seat covers can make your life much easier by helping you to care for your vehicle.

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This Bentley promo is pretty amazing!

Just watch . . .


Gal Gadot with a classic car

I remember those big, hulky sedans from the 70s with those huge front grilles, and here we have the lovely Gal Gadot posing next to one of them. You’ll be seeing a ton of her this year as she’ll be starring in the new Wonder Woman film.

Bring on the weekend adventures!

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Pretty cool commercial for Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen just launched a damn good commercial for the all-new 2018 Atlas.


Car sales continue to slip


There are several disturbing trends for the automakers. One, car sales in general are slipping after years of sustained growth for the industry. Also, sales of trucks (including SUVs and CUVs) are doing fine, while sales of traditional passengers cars are plummeting.

This trend is highlighted by Ford’s dismal sales results for April 2017 where US sales plunged 7.2%. This shows overall weakness in the market along with the troubling trend for cars versus trucks.

Carmakers have had a great run, but now we’ll see how they react to a market slowdown.