Callaway’s Corvette Aerowagen

Check out this video of Callaway’s Corvette Aerowagen, a 757 horsepower beast that has been customized with a new engine and a hatchback for more storage. At $130,000, it’s an American supercar that can hit 60 mph in 2.7 seconds!


Financing Tips For Your Next Ford


Whether your credit is great or if lay-offs or bad financial decisions you made in the past have left you holding a poor credit score, there’s a smarter way to finance your next car. When you’re shopping for a deal on a vehicle, too many shoppers just look at the price alone. Financing too plays a major role in determining how much you’re going to spend on a new automobile in the long run, so it pays to know your options. A smarter car loan will keep you ahead of the game and satisfied with your new set of wheels down the line, so follow these smart tips for getting a better deal.

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Classic Delta 88 Pace Car from Indy 500

Wow – that’s a blast from the past! The Oldsmobile Delta 88 Pace Car from the 1988 Indy 500.

And there's that Delta 88 from the '77 race! #olds #indy

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Seat Covers That Simplify Surfers’ Lives


Love to surf? If you do, then you know surfing is not just a sport. It is an entire lifestyle, and that includes your vehicle, which is important for getting you from beach to beach and back home again. Therefore, you need to keep it clean and dry, including the interior. High-quality, custom-made seat covers can make your life much easier by helping you to care for your vehicle.

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This Bentley promo is pretty amazing!

Just watch . . .