Air-Conditioned Seats!


Down in the American south air conditioning is a necessity. Problem is that making cool air costs gas money. Due to air conditioning, we put thousands of tons of extra carbon in the air each year! And, all of this is just to make our cars more comfortable in warm weather. The folks at this Atlanta, GA Kia dealership understand!

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Top 5 Off-Road Accessories For Trucks


Some off-road vehicle enthusiasts get really excited about the inner workings of trucks. Such people enjoy getting Bilstein shocks as Christmas presents and may even aspire to build a truck engine by themselves. If you are one of those people, you might enjoy showing off your truck to other hobbyists. Perhaps you can even make your truck so awesome that people who have never thought twice about off-roading will consider taking up your hobby. Here are five off road accessories that are impressive even to the untrained eye:

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What You Need To Know This Before Taking A Longer Trip


Many people think that taking a trip just means sitting in their car and driving, however, there are a lot of things that you need to consider; for example, the roadside assistance. You can even find some of the best rated car batteries in Melbourne, Sydney at Roadside Response, which is important as nobody wants their car battery to die on the road.

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Tips For Working on a Project Vehicle


If you’re looking for a new hobby to spend your spare time on, you might be interested in purchasing and renovating a project vehicle. Working on an old vehicle and making it like new again can be a fun project that takes months to complete, and it can even save you money if you’re going to use your project as a daily driver. However, it’s easy to get carried away or purchase a vehicle that’s too far gone to turn around. When you’re thinking about buying your first vehicle to restore, consider the following tips.

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Nick Mason’s 1962 Ferrari GTO

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has taken advantage of is good fortune of selling millions of records to start quite a car collection as he indulged in his love of auto racing. Years ago he purchased a beautiful 1962 Ferrari GTO. Everyone thought he was nuts, though now he says he’s referred to as the Warren Buffett of racing. He’s kept every car he’s ever raced, so his collection has to be worth a serious fortune.