All About Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitches

When someone would like to haul a heavy trailer, a fifth wheel hitch is the hitch one should use.  Take a look at a fifth wheel hitch and you will see the resemblance to the hitches used on eighteen-wheels. Fifth wheel hitches are usually mounted on a flatbed towing truck’s rear platform or in a pickup truck’s bed.

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Interesting Transportation Fuels


Things like air pollution and global warming are direct results of decades of petroleum use. The geo-political stability of the planet is greatly affected by petroleum use as most of it comes from the volatile Middle East. Here is a list of some of those alternative fuels:

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To Buy or Not to Buy Your Own Dashcam

Chances are you have seen dashcam video footage while flipping through the TV channels and seeing the news. Especially, the footage from police dashcams, those are popular. Did you know that you can purchase your own, though? They are but popular here, but in other counties like Russia they are. Let’s discuss the issues.

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Communicating with a Car


Many car manufacturers are now offering ways to interact with vehicles through mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Services like Ford’s Sync Connect, GM’s OnStar, Kia’s UVO eServices and others make it possible for people to control some vehicle features. Here are just a few items, which might be worth checking with your local dealership about, that can transport connectivity to the driving experience:

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Babe Ruth’s Lincoln Continental

Very cool!