Volvo Concept Estate overview

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show has introduced some of the greatest cars we’ve ever seen this year. The Audi RS6-R Avant, Alfa Romeo 4C Targa, Audi S1, Audi TT, and Bentley Continental Flying Spur V8 are just a few examples.

But not all of the best cars were super fast or super engineered. No, some of the best cars were humble estates.

Take the Volvo Concept Estate, as an example. This is perhaps the best looking car to be unveiled, yet it’s a family car, designed for safety and comfort, not outright speed. Who would have thought that an environmentally conscious and safety conscious automotive manufacturer could have drawn the biggest crowds.

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Volvo ad featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme goes viral

This new Volvo commercial featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme has become an online sensation. Watch it and you’ll figure out why. The commercial is intended to promote Volvo Dynamic Steering. I’m not sure how many people will get that message, but Van Damme will certainly benefit from this.


Volvo adds new safety features to detect cyclists

This new “Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake” from Volvo looks pretty interesting. I’m a little skeptical of the automatic brake feature. Yes, it can save lives, but it will be interesting to see how it works in the real world. As more of these “automated driving” features take hold, it will be interesting to see if car insurance companies will give lower rates if your car has these features.


Report: Volvo to launch new performance line


If you ever looked at those old Volvo ads that suggested their station wagons were the next logical step up from a Lotus, well, you can stop snickering. Sure, it may still be a long shot, but Volvo appears to be getting serious about offering performance-oriented automobiles.

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you a report that indicated Volvo was forging a closer relationship with Polestar, the racing outfit that fields the company’s entries in the Scandinavian and World Touring Car Championships. Volvo, it seemed, had already turned to Polestar to squeeze a bit of extra juice from its S60 and XC60 R-Design models, and according to the report, was prepared to utilize Polestar’s talents even more in the future.

A clearer picture of that that partnership is now emerging, and so far, it looks promising. Their first collaborative project is tipped to be a production version of the baby-blue, 400-horsepower, all-wheel drive C30 hatchback unveiled last year. If given the go-ahead, we could be looking at a limited run of 500 cars priced around £50,000 in the UK – about the same as a BMW M3.

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2011 Volvo S60 T6 Review reviewed the 2011 Volvo S60 T6!

The 2011 Volvo S60 T6 AWD is one of the first releases from the revamped Volvo under Geely. If the S60 is a sign of what’s to come, we’re anxious to see what Volvo has in the pipeline.

The new 2011 Volvo S60 T6 AWD sedan is one sharp vehicle. Our test model was wine red with sporty 18″ alloy wheels and all season tires. The design of the 2011 Volvo S60 is very curvy but hardly edgy. Volvo apparently gave its engineers and designers the chance to explore and with that they developed a refined and confident S60 for the 21st century. The S60 is sharp, but it doesn’t scream for attention with gimmicks. Rather, the car grows on you daily with understated aerodynamic muscular design and looks.

Volvo is known for safety innovation but over the past few years it seems like their interiors are receiving as much attention, if not more. The soft, black leather sport seats in the front and rear were some of the most comfortable seats I have experienced in any car I’ve driven as of late. The dashboard is crisp and precise without clutter and the center console is tilted slightly towards the driver for better views and execution. Our model had a 7-inch color LCD monitor, 8-way power driver seat, a thick and sturdy leather sport steering wheel, dual zone electronic climate control and Bluetooth hands free interface. The interior also has luxury details like its leather trimmed door panels and the high performance Volvo Premium Sound System with Dolby Pro. Going into spring in Ohio I was able to enjoy the power moon roof on some decent days.

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