Jeep Announces Advertising Campaign Featuring Lenny Kravitz

Chrysler’s Jeep brand is announcing its exciting new partnership with Lenny Kravitz!

Lenny will be joining Chrysler’s advertising campaign for the 2011 Jeep Wrangler, which will include a new song, “Rock Star City Life,” from his next album, “Black and White America” and a new tag line – “Adventure is never ordinary.” Chrysler will also have some action-packed new spots to share with consumers featuring Lenny, which will show you what it’s like to get behind the wheel with Kravitz.

Chrysler has its first spot for you today called “Adventure Swamp”. Watch as Lenny takes his 2011 Jeep Wrangler into some of the muddiest, muggiest and dirtiest terrain we’ve seen yet. Check out the video below!


2011 Ford Explorer Limted Review reviews the 2011 Ford Explorer Limited.

The 2011 Ford Explorer is the newest beast from the Mullaly stable. had the chance to test drive this iconic namesake in a totally different package. The SUV segment has been playing to the crossover crowd, a trend the 2011 Ford Explorer follows with no apologies. The Ingot silver metallic looked sharp and confident and had us anxious to drive the new Explorer!

When I first took a look at the 2011 Ford Explorer it was obvious this would be a new beginning for a familiar name. The model I drove was an Explorer Limited 4WD with fog lamps, privacy glass in the 2nd and 3rd rows, dual chromed exhaust tips, roof rack side rails 20″ painted aluminum wheels and LED tail lamps. There are more than a few similarities between the 2011 Ford Explorer and the 2011 Ford Edge and I found myself doing a double take when I spotted either of the vehicles on the road. Basically both have a sleek and modern look and are both eye catching. Ford has been building the Explorer since 1991 but has not made fundamental changes to the exterior in any of the previous redesigns. The body is a few inches longer than the prior model but with the sleek new styling I don’t thing anyone will notice without breaking out a tape measure. This look is the look the Ford Freestyle should have achieved a few years back.

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Check out Consumer Reports top picks for 2011 breaks down the best cars in 10 categories, “proving goodness doesn’t require paying top dollar.”

Six new models made our Top Picks list this year, representing a diverse selection from Japan, South Korea, and the U.S. No automaker dominates; the 10 picks come from six manufacturers and eight brands, which reflect the increasing competitiveness within today’s auto market. Toyota is the only brand with more than one model. To see the best & worst 2011 cars and best new-car car values, go to Consumer Reports’ annual auto issue hub.

Our Top Picks are the best all-around models in their categories. Chosen from the more than 270 vehicles we’ve recently tested, these vehicles scored well in our testing, have average or better predicted reliability, performed well in government or insurance-industry safety tests, if evaluated, and offer stability control — a proven, lifesaving feature.

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10 car brands to watch for put together a list of 10 car brands that are poised to enter the North American market from old European brands, Asian upstarts and a few U.S. names.

The last five years have brought the biggest upheaval in the global auto industry in a century. China has become the world’s largest auto market, and India, Russia, and Brazil are the liveliest up-and-comers.

As part of this overthrow of the old order, new car brands are poised to enter the U.S. market, joining the four dozen that are already here. They range from established European names trying to reestablish a U.S. presence, to young Asian manufacturers looking to expand beyond their local markets, and Silicon Valley startups, hoping to leverage a new concept or technology.

In a speech to Standard and Poor’s Auto Industry Hot Topics Conference in New York, Jeff Schuster, executive director of Global Forecasting for J.D. Power and Associates, identified a number of established auto manufacturers that are either planning to enter the U.S. or may be considering it, and another five “boutique startups.” Herewith, a selection:

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2011 Nissan JUKE Sport Cross Review

The staff at recently had the opportunity to review the 2011 Nissan JUKE Sport Cross and had some great commentary on the ride. Read what they had to say below!

If you’re looking for a new car that will get you noticed but you don’t want to break the bank, you ought to test drive the new Nissan JUKE. Nissan’s bold new entry in the sport crossover market has head-turning styling and an engine with a nice kick. The car immediately grabs your attention with a front end that turns conventional styling on its head. The turn signals are integrated into the front fenders in a spot where you might expect to find the headlights, but with a closer look you’ll see the round headlights below the turn signals. It won’t appeal to everyone, but we suspect it will be a big hit with a large number of guys in their 20s.

If you do decide to take a test drive, you’ll find out quickly that the JUKE is fun to drive. The JUKE sports a standard 188-horsepower 1.6-liter Direct Injection Gasoline turbo 4-cylinder engine, and it offers an advanced torque vectoring all-wheel drive (AWD) system as an optional upgrade over the front-wheel drive version. We were very impressed with the performance as we drove a JUKE with the AWD option around the beautiful scenery surrounding Vancouver. The handling on the JUKE is excellent with the AWD system and you’ll enjoy zipping around tight turns.

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