ACB: Scion FR-S’ Predecessor

With Toyota’s new sports car arriving in dealers soon, it’s time to showcase the car that served as inspiration for the new Scion FR-S: the Toyota AE-86. If the Scion FR-S can have half the impact the AE-86 has on a generation of car enthusiasts, it will be a smashing success.


Toyota FT86 Leaked

Normally, scans from an automaker’s internal parts catalog would not make headline news; unless they showed a hotly anticipated new car that is. Scans from Modellista, a Toyota parts magazine, seem to show the brand new Toyota FT-86. Like those of bigfoot, these grainy images show hope that the car is out there, and will not be bloated up and dumbed down for production. Toyota has not commented on the leak, but the production version of this car should be seen at the Tokyo International Auto Show next month.

Source: FT86club


The Subaru BRZ is Coming

What you see above is not a promo shot from an 80s era Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, but a teaser for Subaru’s new sports car.

The BRZ is a RWD, boxer-4 engined sports coupe that shares its platform and drivetrain with the Toyota FT-86. However, both models will be styled differently. Much has been seen of the Toyota version in concept form, but no one has a clue on what the Subaru version will look like. The closest we have gotten was some odd plexiglass cutaways shown last year that only highlighted the mechanicals of the car.

“BRZ” is marketing speak for “Boxer Rear-drive Zenith” and will be seen at the Frankfurt Auto Show in “BRZ Prologue Technology Concept” guise. Yes that is the actual name, I did not randomly develop keyboard tourettes. Clunky name aside, the BRZ will hopefully look like a winner when it debuts in Frankfurt.

Source: Subaru


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