New Scion iQ Ad

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what desperation looks like in an advertisement: girls eating donuts and drinking milk in a Scion iQ. The ad says nothing about the car, nothing about how to use it, or why you should by it. In fact, all the ad proves is that the iQ is more novelty amusement park ride rather than car. More Tilt-A-Whirl than Mini and 500 competitor. But, for all I know it’s just to build “buzz” around the brand. So, the jokes on all of us as 50 year old “social media manager” in jeans and a blazer laughs while counting his money.

Plus, if you don’t like the girls in bikinis, there are 3 more versions with different people eating donuts and going round and round in an iQ. That means, sometime, somewhere, a person with more letters behind their name than most doctors, sat down in front of Toyota executives with a straight face, and presented this as a way to advertise the iQ. Then, Toyota agreed and said, “Thats great, but can you do 3 more versions?”

Almost worse than the J.Lo Fiat 500 ad. Almost. The FR-S can’t come soon enough to bring some real credibility to the Scion line.


ACB: Scion FR-S’ Predecessor

With Toyota’s new sports car arriving in dealers soon, it’s time to showcase the car that served as inspiration for the new Scion FR-S: the Toyota AE-86. If the Scion FR-S can have half the impact the AE-86 has on a generation of car enthusiasts, it will be a smashing success.


Scion gets more muscle

This is a very nice change for Scion! Now the brand has some muscle. From Auto

OYAMA, Japan — Toyota President Akio Toyoda unveiled his company’s new 200-horsepower rear-wheel-drive sporty car before thousands of fans at a Formula One race track today in his bid to spice up a brand better known for bland but utilitarian offerings such as the Corolla and Camry.

The car, to be called the Toyota 86 in Japan and sold as the Scion FR-S in the United States, has been in the works for five years and received close scrutiny from Toyoda, who is banking on the car as an affordable halo model to burnish the company’s performance credentials.

The 86 hits a top speed of 142 mph and can do 0-62 in 6 seconds. But raw speed is not the goal, says chief engineer Tetsuya Tada. The model’s true mission is multifold:

Read the full article.


Toyota FT86 Leaked

Normally, scans from an automaker’s internal parts catalog would not make headline news; unless they showed a hotly anticipated new car that is. Scans from Modellista, a Toyota parts magazine, seem to show the brand new Toyota FT-86. Like those of bigfoot, these grainy images show hope that the car is out there, and will not be bloated up and dumbed down for production. Toyota has not commented on the leak, but the production version of this car should be seen at the Tokyo International Auto Show next month.

Source: FT86club


Scion tC RS 7.0 looks pretty sharp

This new special edition Scion tC RS 7.0 for 2012 looks very cool. Check out Scion’s new video promoting the tC RS 7.0.


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