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Purchasing of items online grows in popularity every day. Almost everything you may be interested in buying can be found easily online, thanks to the wide range of companies who decided to set up shop on the internet. There are numerous benefits to shopping online, which why more people are utilizing it than ever before.

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Get Apocalypse Ready with Icon’s 1000 Collection

So, the apocalypse has happened. Whatever is going to be the cause- zombies, asteroid, disease, Justin Bieber’s new CD, etc.- it’s going to be bad. But there is a bright side. Think about it, all those empty roads, no distracted drivers, and an endless supply of recently abandoned motorcycles at your disposal. If it wasn’t doomsday, it would be motorcycle heaven. But, if your going to be riding around in the apocolyptic future, your’re going to need protection. You don’t want to crash and get taken by the zombie hoards do you?

Luckily, Icon has you covered. With their new 1000 collection, they have motorcycle gear that has been styled for the urban frontier. Stripped of logos, and stuffed with armor and attitude, these gloves, helmets, jackets, and boots are ready for battle. They even have t-shirts so you can look stylish while foraging for supplies. Icon has even gone the extra mile by customizing a few bikes to showcase the “post-apocalypse” look of the near future.

Best part is, you don’t have to wait for he end of the world since the gear is available right now. Check out website for more information, and pictures of the customized bikes. Don’t wander around waiting to be attacked by zombies when doomsday comes, explore and attack the apocalypse head-on from the seat of a motorcycle.


ACB: The Great Escape

Blitz R60/2 – The great Escape from Hush on Vimeo.

Since we’re on a bit of a motorcycle tear today, we might as well keep the combo going with footage of some vintage Bavarian machinery in the snow. Titled the “Great Escape,” this clip just shows a trip on an old R60 during the deep winter months. Who says you can’t ride in the snow?


Roland Sands Design’s Flat Track Blackline

When Bullz-eye reviewed the Harley Davidson Blackline late last year, I found it high on curb appeal, low on cornering prowess. Of course, you can’t expect a boulevard crusier that weighs around 800 lbs. to be athlete on the street either. Roland Sands Designs didn’t agree with this statement and decided to make the Blackline perform as well as it looks.

When a customer came in with a Blackline to customize, Roland and his crew decided to bring the bike back to Harley’s racing roots. Yes, you read that right, Harley Davidson once had significant success racing successes. Specifically, the inspiration from the build would be a vintage Harley WR Flathead racer. To accomplish this feat, the Blackline was stripped of unnecessary components, approprate tires and handlebars were added, and a dozen or so bespoke parts were added in to make truly dirt track capable.

To prove that this bike had style and substance, RSD took the bike out for some shenanigans and pictures before delivering it to the soon-to-be very happy owner.

Full details of the build, and more glorious hi-res shots can be seen on RSD’s website, here.


Tour of Vance and Hines

Last weekend, Vance and Hines was gracious enough to open its doors for journalists and members of HOG (Harley Owners Group). For those of you unfamiliar with who Vance and Hines are, they are a race team that started back in the late 80s, but have managed Harley’s NHRA race program with the V-Rod since 2006. They also make some of the sweetest performance parts for Harley and many other bikes.

Here, Vance and Hines develops and builds not only their V-rod race bikes, but their own competitors engines as well. They are a family owned and staffed business with proven race results in various race series. They campaign bikes in the NHRA, produce the parts for the XR1200s in the AMA Pro XR1200 series, and also builds parts for dirtbikes as well.

One may not think of Harley and precise race applications, but Vance and Hines shows otherwise. For instance, an engine for the V-Rod drag bike takes 20 days to be milled out of a 70lb. chunk of solid aluminum. This attention to detail has led Vance and Hines to a 6 sec. pass at 199mph, and 3 championships in the NHRA pro stock division.

If you would like to see their work go around corners, check out the AMA Pro Vance & Hines XR1200 series. This is a spec series where racers pilot identical XR1200s, all equipped with Vance and Hines performance parts.

Not to mention, the parts available for their road and race applications are all made in the U.S.A.


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