2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review

We’re looking to get our hands on one of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s but in the meantime we are relegated to reading other reviews. The WSJ appears to be very impressed with the new Grand Cherokee notably for it’s mature and rich execution of the interior and the price point of a loaded version comes in at $42,995. That is extremely competitive and almost dares other brands to offer what the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee offers for the price.

I daresay the following is the first time Cleanth Brooks and John Crowe Ransom have ever been name-checked in an auto review. These men were founding fathers of the New Criticism of literary study, which emphasized a close reading of the text, which is to say the literature itself. New Criticism excluded factors such as an author’s biographical details, historical circumstances and other so-called extratextual materials to arrive at an interpretation. At the time—say, the 1930s—this was a terribly good idea since criticism had reached a point where scholars were earnestly speculating about how Shakespeare’s bad breath might have influenced “Hamlet.” To New Critics, all that mattered was the text.

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