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Hyundai’s Genesis is building quite a new reputation for itself, and with the new 2012 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec, things can only get better. We had the chance to spend a week behind the wheel of the new R-Spec and have plenty to say about this sport luxury sedan.

The R-Spec has the new look of the Genesis and some options only available on this model. The first thing I noticed on it was the unique 19-inch machined-finish alloy wheels, which look absolutely stunning. Also featured on our test model were HID Xenon adaptive cornering headlights with LED accents with dark chrome inserts to help the Genesis stand out from the rest. Combined with the platinum metallic paint job, this car was making impressions before we even stepped inside. For the front view, the grille has been enhanced, sporting a more aggressive front fascia with larger intake openings developed to make lasting memories for those checking out the car in their rearview mirror and heated auto dimming outside mirrors with turn signal indicators. The overall look of the 2012 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec screams power and attitude!

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Considering your car budget

There are so many factors to consider when picking a car to fit your budget. The obvious starting point always goes towards your monthly payment, and this is how most car marketing is conducted. You have the choice of leasing versus buying, but for most people it comes down to the payments.

That of course makes sense, but there’s so much more to consider. Some people want style, so inexpensive cars like the inexpensive Hyundai Veloster will potentially be very popular, as it’s a beautiful car even if it doesn’t have much under the hood.

But it also has the huge advantage of excellent gas mileage. This is the fourth car in Hyundai’s lineup where 40 MPG comes standard. So in today’s world of high gas prices, gas mileage is very important when figuring out your real car budget. It might be cool to buy an old used muscle car or a sedan with a V-8, but you have to figure in how it will kill you on gas.

The other big expense is car insurance, and as most people realize, you have to do your research. There are great online resources where you can quickly see your options. Gocompare provides you with unique comparison services for range of financial products. Car insurance is a big one, and you can save a ton of money.

We’re currently bombarded with funny and quirky car insurance commercials. That stuff shouldn’t drive your decision. Do research on price and service and you’ll be much better off.


20 Cars to Look for in 2012

With the New Year brings new sheet metal and Bullz-Eye has identified 20 Cars to Look for in 2012!

Dodge Dart
Following the daft Dodge Caliber, Dodge is looking to redeem itself in the small car segment with the Dart. The Dart also marks the first fruit of Chrysler’s merger with Fiat, because underneath the Dodge skin lies Italian bones. And not just any bones either, but the platform of the Alfa Romeo Guilietta. The Dart will be powered by a host of new engines and transmission choices, also supplied by Fiat. No hatchback version will be offered, unfortunately, but the Dart is shaping up to be a serious contender in the small car marketplace.

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2012 Hyundai Veloster review on Bullz-Eye

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all from Hyundai this year, here comes the 2012 Veloster Ecoshift DCT with her three doors, aerodynamic design in a hatchback coupe! If you are a leader and definitely not a follower, take this Veloster for a test drive.

What you read above is correct, as the Veloster is both a coupe and a hatchback but offers a revolutionary passenger side forward hinged rear door. In the past, some coupes have used limited access rear hinged access doors. These coupes have required opening the front door before the rear door could be opened, an inconvenience for drivers and passengers, and difficult to use in tight parking lot situations. Hyundai’s new thinking implements a conventionally hinged door on the passenger side, providing safe and easy access to the rear seats and a hidden door handle to maintain its coupe design. You have to do a double take to even notice the neatly designed door into the curved exterior of the Veloster. Our century white test model sported 18 inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, chrome grille surrounded with piano black headlights and front fog lights. From the hood scoop to the muscular and athletic appearance this car is a looker!

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Hyundai to make a big splash for Super Bowl viewers

Hyundai is keeping the pedal to the medal with millions of dollars in television advertising being earmarked for the upcoming Super Bowl. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and to work your way deeper into Amercian Culture. if done correctly it can work as with the Chrysler 200 pairing with Eminem last year!

From the Detroit News:

Detroit — Hyundai Motor Co. is hoping that five television spots before and during the Feb. 5 Super Bowl game will help to bolster its rising brand recognition and continue big sales gains from the past few years.

North American CEO John Krafcik says the fast-growing brand is working on a 60-second spot that will run right before kickoff, plus two ads on the pregame show and two during the first and third quarters of the game.

He wouldn’t say how much the Korean automaker is spending on the ads, which will compete with the most creative spots American companies have to offer during one of television’s highest-rated and most expensive sporting events. Last year Super Bowl ads cost companies about $3 million for 30 seconds.

Chrysler Group LLC’s two-minute spot featuring rapper Eminem was among those that created the most Super Bowl buzz last year, and it helped kick off what has been a strong sales year for the recovering company. The cinematic third-quarter ad showed Eminem driving through Detroit and introduced a new car, the Chrysler 200 sedan, amid gritty scenes of the city. A voiceover talked about how the city has survived going through “hell and back.”

Krafcik said Hyundai hopes to have standout spots as well, but it will focus more on a brand message rather than going for entertainment value.

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