Gal Gadot with a classic car

I remember those big, hulky sedans from the 70s with those huge front grilles, and here we have the lovely Gal Gadot posing next to one of them. You’ll be seeing a ton of her this year as she’ll be starring in the new Wonder Woman film.

Bring on the weekend adventures!

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Why Were These Cars Built?

Every manufacturing company wants to make great products. Great products get great reviews and make lots of sales, however sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes a company makes a real dog of a product and consumers are the ones who get to live with it. In this article we worked with Kindle Dodge of Cape May Courthouse, NJ, a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealer, and compiled a collection of several examples of cars that were really dumb ideas and never should have been built.

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Barn Finds


It’s every auto enthusiast’s dream. You hear about an “old car” that’s been in someone’s garage for years and you get invited to take a look at it. After you arrive, you open the barn doors and in the corner there’s a dusty tarp covering something large. You can see tires under the tarp and then the excitement starts – this is likely a car forgotten for decades. After you remove all the boxes and other objects off the top of the heap, you pull the tarp off and there it is: an unrestored, rare vintage automobile.

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The original supercar – the Jaguar XKSS

The story behind the Jaguar XKSS is pretty remarkable, and now there’s an effort to rebuild many of these original Janguars in painstaking detail. One can argue it’s the original supercar. Check out the video above. It’s also one of the most beautiful cars ever made.


Arnold Palmer next to classic Cadillac

R.I.P Arnold Palmer.

Here’s a great shot to remember the golf icon as Arnie poses next to a classic red Cadillac convertible.


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