What will Apple’s role be in the car industry?

Here’s an interesting interview with Elon Musk who believes Apple will eventually be a “direct competitor” in the car industry. Interesting . . .


About Electronic Stability Control

Only a small percentage of vehicles sold in the United States have them, but it is predicted that in the future more vehicles will have them. They are called Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems, and are standard on some vehicles but most certainly available on others. When purchasing a vehicle new you can get it as an add-on, or perhaps you never knew your car had them until you had a problem with them that a mechanic needed to diagnose. In the present day you can not get it on a used vehicle, but there is optimism about that changing in the future! Keep reading to learn more about what ESC systems do for drivers!

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New Technology in Motoring for 2016 and Onward

Improvements in technology are changing the way we think about motoring. The ever-rising phenomenon of personal driver services like Uber and Lyft challenge the way we go about our lives, and Apple and Google are even infiltrating your car these days via smartphone-like interfaces on dashboard displays. This post takes a look at the technology to watch out for in the near future.

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Carter Carburetor – An Automotive Icon

Carter carburetors were a constant in the car business for over six decades and millions of units were produced. Anyone who worked in the car business a few decades ago knew them well however, the relentless march of progress came in the form of fuel injection and wiped the company out long ago. The old Carter Carburetor factory is now a vacant St. Louis landmark and, sadly, a superfund site. Here’s the story about the rise and fall of a major automotive institution.

William Carter was a bike mechanic who experimented owned a successful bicycle shop in the early 1900s. Like many such shops, he also repaired some motorized vehicles. He discovered a weakness in many of them, their carburetors, and set out to make his own replacements. His carburetors were made of cast brass and due to his precision machining techniques were considered the best of the time. The automotive industry quickly took notice and soon many automobile manufacturers were knocking at the door for Carter-built carburetors.

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Volvo adds new safety features to detect cyclists

This new “Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake” from Volvo looks pretty interesting. I’m a little skeptical of the automatic brake feature. Yes, it can save lives, but it will be interesting to see how it works in the real world. As more of these “automated driving” features take hold, it will be interesting to see if car insurance companies will give lower rates if your car has these features.


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