Upcoming Automotive Technologies


Throughout the years all sorts of interesting gadgets have been put in cars! Let’s look at some of the new things that we have been told to expect in vehicles before the decade’s end!

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About Augmented Reality Driving


We predict that augmented reality will fundamentally change the way we drive our automobiles. It will make driving vehicles far safer and much easier. But, before we get into the story, let’s talk about the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

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The insider’s guide to engine belts


Virtually every automotive engine uses rubber belts to power various accessories outside the engine block and critical engine parts inside. The belt that is external to the block is usually called the accessory belt or fan belt. They used to be a single V-shaped belt but today they are serpentine belts that slither around several pulleys. These pulleys typically drive the alternator, AC compressor, power steering pump and water pump. Sometimes this serpentine belt is mounted in the front of the engine but in transverse engines, it’s usually on the side. Serpentine belts need to be replaced when they show wear, such as cracks, fraying or stretching.

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Car industry innovations we can expect to see

If you’re curious about where the car industry is heading, this video sums up some of the more interesting innovations we can expect in the future, but also some that are starting to affect the industry now.


Microsoft’s role with self-driving cars

No, Microsoft will not be building self-driving cars. But, they naturally want to be a part of building up that technology. While Elon Musk says he expects Apple to eventually be a direct competitor, that probably won’t be the case with Microsoft based on the interview above.


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