Auto Safety Features to Look Forward To in 2019


Whether you’re looking to trade-in your vehicle, lease one, or buy a new car, there are some exciting and innovative features on the horizon for many cars that are manufactured in 2019. While more automakers will be offering convenient tech features like wireless Wi-Fi connectivity or wireless charging options, even more will be improving their safety features.

From compact cars to SUVs, safety features not only help to protect drivers and passengers but many of today’s features are designed to prevent accidents in the first place. Even though there are many contributing factors in vehicle accidents, human error is responsible for a significant amount of accidents; safety features can help reduce driver error.

Some Safety Features to Check Out In The New Year

Auto manufacturers release specific safety features at different times. While luxury vehicles may provide newer safety features before other makes and models of vehicles, it’s only matter of time before we’re likely to see a wide array of top-of-line safety features in all new vehicles.

Take rear cameras, for example; they were not common in every vehicle when they were first introduced, but now they are virtually mandatory in every new vehicle. Here are some features that we’re likely to see in 2019.
Evasive Steering Assist

Evasive Steering Assist is a safety feature that will be in new Ford vehicles like the Edge. The feature is designed to “read” the driver’s responsiveness to vehicles that have slowed down or as stopped. The feature will steer to avoid a collision, and if an accident does occur despite steering out of the way, the post-collision braking feature helps to reduce potential damage.

Lincoln’s Nautilus will also have a feature that is similar to the evasive steering assist.

Lane Centering

Many accidents occur when drivers swerve out of their lane and often results in head-on collisions, particularly on two-lane roads. Lane-centering features, which keeps vehicles from abandoning the lane, will be more prominent in vehicles by Lincoln and Hyundai.
Automatic High Beams

High beams that turn off and on automatically can help drivers see better after dark but can also help the blinding light from oncoming vehicles. If you’ve ever forgotten to turn your high beams on and off at appropriate times, this feature may be worth checking out.

Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Traffic Alert

Regardless of the size of vehicle you drive, blind spots are an issue for many drivers and play a role in collisions. You can expect to find more vehicles in 2019 with a blind spot monitor as well as a rear traffic alert, so you know what’s going on behind you before you change lanes.

Pre-Safe Sound Function

Mercedes is adding the Pre-Safe sound safety function to their 2019 CLS. This feature is designed to reduce hearing damage during a collision. Mercedes has used this feature for quite a few years and if an unavoidable crash is detected, the sound system plays a signal. The signal triggers a reflex in the ear that helps protect the ear against high acoustic pressure (like a loud crash).

2019 looks like a promising year for safety features in vehicles. Even though safety features can help reduce accidents and injury there is no guarantee. If you have been injured in an accident visit Lexington, SC to meet with skilled and experienced lawyers who can help you with your case.


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