Ford Wants to Build a Smart Police Car That Will Hunt Law Breakers Autonomously


Is the future freaking you out? Do the prospects of robots taking over the earth scare you? Well then, this following bit will be even more unnerving. In the future police cars will be chasing bad (and good) drivers all on their own, which means the police will be more effective through elimination of the human factor. A police officer will not be needed to write you a ticket. Instead, these smart police cars will do everything themselves.

In the future, we will be doing many new things in our automobiles because driving will not be mandatory. This is a concept that we have been hearing about ever since the automobile was invented. Now, after 100+ years, we are very close to it. In no time, you will be sitting in your car reading a book or playing at your favorite NetBet Casino on your smart device or on your car’s computer and enjoy the ride like never before.

Ford’s Patent for Smart Police Car

Recently, Ford has filed for a patent, which describes a police car that will be fully autonomous. There will not be a police officer driving it, which can mean increased effectiveness in spotting, and fining drivers. In addition, you will not be able to bribe the cop car as you would your local police officer, which is another advantage (for the state at least).

Even though most patents in the world never come to fruition i.e. they are either non-functional or not enough interest exists for funding the novelties, the idea of autonomous police cars is both mildly unsettling at worst and welcoming at best.

The patent was not disclosed publicly, but instead it was spotted by Motor1. In it, you can read about a police vehicle that can drive on its own, detect infractions in the traffic independently or by communicating with the CCTVs on the streets and sensors placed on the sides of the roads.

This fully autonomous police car will be powered by Artificial Intelligence. The AI technology has been spurring an increasing interest in the last decade, and experts have been both warning against it and advocating it.
In general, the feelings about AI are mixed. No one wants a Terminator 2 scenario where machines have wiped out humanity, but at the same time, everybody wants a more convenient future, and all the convenience will come from AI products.

According to the patent, once the driver that made the infraction was spotted, the autonomous police car will simply communicate with your vehicle in order to verify your identity. It will not have to pull your over in order to give you a ticket. All will be done via a communication link between both cars. In addition, a police officer could take over the car via a remote link if necessary.

So, forget the good old days when you could just avoid the cops by going through alternative routes. There will be no escape, because these cars will be smart. They will be able to spot you anywhere you are.


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