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Obviously, it’s incredibly important to stay hands-free and attentive to the road at all times when driving. These days, however, dashboard mounts, voice control, and in-vehicle smartphone integration make it possible to access apps safely while on the road, and there are plenty of apps out there that make your commute easier. Whether you’re looking for a way to avoid traffic, find restrooms along your route, or monitor your child’s driving habits, there’s an app for your need. Check out some of our favorite apps for drivers below!

If you always get stuck in traffic: Waze

While Waze isn’t as streamlined as many navigation apps, it’s a must-have if you’re desperate to avoid traffic. Essentially a form a crowd-sourced navigation, Waze takes input from users who can drop pins indicating heavy or stopped traffic, police traps, accidents, construction or other hazards along the route. The app also offers more alternative routes than many of its competitors, so you can see that there’s a 20-minute traffic jam along your usual route, you can pick another one.

If you want to save money on gas: GasBuddy

GasBuddy has a database with almost every single gas station in the United States, and is generally one of the most reliable apps available for locating gas stations along your route. Like Waze, GasBuddy allows users to input corrections and updates, so you’ll have an easy time finding the best price, and never go through the moment of regret when you fill up your tank and then drive by a station with cheaper prices right down the road.

If you’re always forgetting where you parked: Find My Car

This app is simple but effective, with the sole purpose of helping you find your parked vehicle. Simply open the app upon parking and mark your car’s position on the map, and then open it again for walking directions back to its location. You can also take a photo of your car’s location, and add a note like “Row B” or “Next to the ATM” to help jog your memory.

If you’re planning a road trip: Roadtrippers

With reviews from everything from rest stops and restaurants to hotels and campgrounds, Roadtrippers is a great app for accessing all of the amenities you might need along a road trip. The app also lets you string your destinations together to form a complete route, and offers points of interest along it, so you can know exactly where you’ll be driving from start to finish. There’s even a function to estimate fuel use and overall gas expenses for the trip!

If you’re tired of gross gas station restrooms: Where to Wee

Yes, this app may have a silly name and a kind of weird premise, but it can make a huge difference if you’re on a road trip, or if you frequently take long drives in unfamiliar places. This app helps you find public restrooms near your current location, and allows users to leave ratings, so you can make sure you find a quality place to stop and go.

If you want unlimited tunes on the go: Spotify

Spotify is a streaming service that allows you to build playlists from their huge library and search and listen anywhere you have wifi or cellular data. The free version has plenty of perks, but upgrading to Spotify premium gets you unlimited streaming without ads, as well as the option to download songs and playlists to your phone, so you can listen off-line and save money on data charges on longer drives. Our friends with Waldorf Dodge tell us that some new cars even offer access to Spotify and other streaming services directly through touchscreen interfaces.

If you want to keep an eye on your teen driver: Bouncie

This app lets you access information about your child’s driving habits through a transmitter that plugs into your vehicle’s OBD port. Once your vehicle is equipped, you get alerts of bad driving practices like unsafe acceleration; can set a maximum speed and be notified when it is exceeded; can set “Geo-Circles” around locations like school, work, or a friend’s house and be alerted when the vehicle enters or leaves these areas; and know where and when your vehicle is being driven at all times.


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