Upcoming Automotive Technologies


Throughout the years all sorts of interesting gadgets have been put in cars! Let’s look at some of the new things that we have been told to expect in vehicles before the decade’s end!

Cars might speak to each other

Yes, that’s right! Cars may be able to share information about accidents, sudden braking, speed. Because of this upcoming technology, cars may be able to drive close together at a highspeed without accidents or slowdowns. If you are sitting on the highway at 5:30 pm every day heading home, then this technology could be perfect for you!

Active Window Displays

Head-Up Display (HUD) technology has come far from the technology of ten years ago. By 2020 we will see active glass displays that can display vibrant images. Imagine a GPS navigation units that highlights the next turn as you approach it. The team at this Schaumburg, IL Volvo dealer is super excited about this!

Biometric Vehicle Access

Would you want a key-fob-less entry and start, as opposed to keyless entry and start that you still need the key fob for? It may be possible to get the technology in the next few years!

Reconfigurable Body Panels

Would you like to have both an SUV and a truck in one car? That could be possible if you drive an SUV that has lightweight body panels and advanced motors that will retract both the side glass and roof into the lower body panels. Chrysler minivan stow-and-go seat design would also be thrown into this!

Active Health Monitoring

Ford has looked into the idea of seatbelt and steering wheel sensors to track vital body statistics when a person is driving. Combine that with autonomous technology and you have a vehicle that can pull over and call an EMT when a driver faints or has a heart attack.

Personalized In-Car Marketing

By 2020, you know many cars will be totally connected to the internet, meaning your vehicle will give marketers ways to cater their message right to you.

Self-driving Vehicle

This is an “autonomous vehicle”, a vehicle that can drive itself but still will have a human driving inside. It will be several more years before “fully autonomous vehicles” without humans are driving down the roadways. But by 2020 we will have cars capable of being regular autonomous. This should be a big help for the trucking industry.

Driver Override Systems

This technology disregards your commands and makes its own decisions. We already have cars that will stop if you neglect applying the brakes. But by 2020 cars will be making all sorts of decisions for you.

Comprehensive Car Tracking

Insurance companies have been discussing fees based on how many miles a customer drives. After all, less mileage means less risk for the company. By 2020 insurance companies will make a lower rate available for people that agree to tracking of their behavior. Insurance companies will likely look at driving patterns as well when determining your insurance rate.


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